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  • Australian Dance Vision - ADV
  • Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dance Ltd - CSTD

Adi Mapped Syllabus [current 2017/18]

  • Commonwealth society of Teachers of Dance - CSTD
  • Australian Dance Association - ADA [formerly FATD]
  • Royal Academy of Dancing - RAD (classical)
  • Movement & Dance Education Centre - MDEC

Syllabus of "mapped" societies  which have been professionally analysed with respect to ADi courses and standards compliances. See below.

If you are a member of a dance society who would like to get "in-the-know" regarding current goings-on in dance education in Australia and beyond, don't hesitate to contact us!

Other Dance Societies - ADi Open Learning Policy - for dance students and teachers

At ADi's sole discretion, ADi will  "map"  technical  attainments (private dance society certificates and private society diplomas) to specific dance competencies through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), as competencies towards an accredited certificate. Applicants may have to complete "Gap Training" drawn for individual competencies ADi would nominate after registration for ADi RPL reccognition.

 The mapping process is a propriety system devised by ADi technical curriculum directors, involving genre-specific analysis of every dance step/routine in a syllabus and its compliance/(or otherwise) to detailed "elements" in government standards. This require expertise in most syllabus genres and competency standards, compiled by ADi.

Since ADi's pioneering directors participated on original formative government standards governance panels this knowlwdge brings a detailed insight into the contet of standard.

For further information regarding ADi's Open Learning Policy, contact ADi head office.