ballet 3Australian Dance Vision - ADV

Australian Dance Vision is a Corporate Partner of AUSTRALIAN DANCE iNSTITUTE. ADV'S pioneering work in creating vocationally accredited courses for young dancers, teachers and assessors (and intellectual property) now resides in ADi. Visit:

Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing - CSTD

The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, one of the great Australian based International Dance Societies, is also a Corporate Partner of ADi. CSTD have been proudly serving dance for over 78 years, providing examinations in all major dance disciplines from Tinies to Teacher qualifications throughout Australia & the Asian Pacific region. Visit:

As a Corporate Partners, CSTD and ADV  share the concept of open learning. CSTD's formal partnership with ADV in ADi has accelerated introduction and deployment of new government accredited certificates arising from the recently released, now amended CUA13 Live Performance and Entertainment Training Package. ADi's experience in vocational training and delivery, gained over the past 17 years, is available to all members of partners.

with recent extension to accomodate extension to mapped syllabus, the ADi's student qualifications are open to virtually all students of quality dance sociewty examination systems.

Affiliated Distributors and Other Dance Societies

Students of other dance societies can apply directly to ADi for admission to any vocational course. Mapping /RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) of technical skills will be considered as individual competencies attained towards a vocational certificate. Students of Corporate Partner societies should initially enquire directly to their school and relevant society for admission.

ADi will also auspice selected regular schools who wish to employ ADi Certified Teachers to teach any of the new ADi Endorsed Syllabuses progressively being introduced around Australia throughout 2015/16. For further details see ADV or CSTD.