ADi Student Qualifications and Assessments

Individual societies will remain the regular outlet for their own syllabus and assessments.  All schools wishing to enter the vocational system may become ADi (auspiced third party) Schools,  that is, a Third Party agreement school and employ ADi Teachers.

Alternately Students may enrol direct with ADi and gain RPL/mapping via their dance societies pre-mapped syllabus for the technical competency.  They complete the academic components separately direct with ADi.

ADi Teacher/Assessor/School Qualifications and Certification/Third Party agreement

Teachers and/or assessors wishing to enrol in courses and/or become ADi Certifie (dauspiced third party) by written agreement and can belong to any dance society,  Apply directly to ADi.

Open Dance Education Policy

Members and students of other societies, can avail themselves of ADi courses and professional development resources on a similar basis as corporate members.
This will offset the ever-increasing cost of establishing courses and maintaining government accreditation and RTO status.
Further, ADi can provide resources to retain the focus on contextualising new standards from the usual generic framework to specifically address the private dance education industry.
Students, teachers and schools can apply directly to ADi.

Distance and Online Studies

ADi  to offers electronic delivery for academic style (content) competencies making the initial stages of their learning experience simple and easy. Where required, face-to-face validation of skills wll be conducted at centres around Australia.