Establish yourself professionally and launch your career in dance teaching

  • Get qualified and certified to teach dance.
  • Update, renew and maintain your qualifications.
  • Ensure you meet national government standards.
  • Equip your students with professional qualifications.
  • Work in the VET system to give your students academic knowledge and industry know-how.
  • Be a responsible and professional dance educator.
  • Ensure a standard of excellence in your dance teaching.
  • Foster your students' development as healthy, intelligent, young dancers.
  • Be part of a dance education community that supports you, your students and parents alike.

Teacher Training Courses

Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching

ADi's forthcoming Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching is a stepping stone to becoming a qualified and ADi Certified dance teacher. Stay tuned for latest news and info on ADi's Cert III ADT! [coming in late 2016]

Certificate IV in Dance Teaching & Management CUA40313


In light of the new National Dance Standards, dance teachers are now required to obtain nationally recognised qualifications which can also include studies in business practice and teaching methods. ADi's CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management is more than just a teacher training course! ADi has developed a flexible and cost effective course that will provide you with a nationally recognised vocational qualification and equip you with real skills. It sets a standard of excellence that prepares you to know how to teach, what to teach and how to establish yourself as a professional and commercially successful small business owner.

ADi's CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management will assist you to be a confident, responsible and professional dance teacher. This accessible dance teaching qualification reaps many benefits including flexible 'on the job' training and learning in your own rhythm!

TAE10 Assessor Skill Set

Would you like to work in the VET system and gain dance related competencies while you work?

ADi currently delivers three units from the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment.
These include:

  • Plan assessment activities and processes - TAEASS401B
  • Assess competence - TAEASS402B
  • Participate in assessment validation - TAEASS403B

These units will count towards a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The full Certificate IV in TAE qualification is currently available through third party RTO's. Contact us to discuss the best pathways tailored to your interests, dance style and career directions. There are many options which will fit your financial and time budgets.

Open Learning

Flexible, Distance Education and Training

ADi CUA40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management is openly accessible to students throughout Australia. Our RTO is committed to open access dance education. ADi has a particular mission in encouraging and supporting dance education in small business generally, and particularly in remote and regional Australia. Export is planned with careful choice of distribution channels and support for all courses.

ADi Open Learning involves self paced learning. This approach enables candidates to complete work in conjunction with other life style and teaching commitments. Courses are completed via distance learning which enables candidates to commence at any time.

Most courses will require face-to-face attendance at annual workshops or specific sessions scheduled by demand around the nation, giving candidates the opportunity to mix with peers, exchange ideas, as well as undertake formal training.

Recognition of Prior Learning - RPL

Skills recognition of prior learning offers the opportunity to gain credit for the work, life & learning experiences that have contributed to your professional training in dance and/or education. Skills recognition means that the skills and knowledge you already have through informal learning may count towards a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment.

If you have trained at other (dance) institutions, your knowledge and skills will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. You will need to provide precise, validated, authenticated, sufficient and current evidence for any submission for recognition. Government emphasis is on validiation of evidence of each and every attainment. Often this is more time consuming for the applicant than actually doing the relevant course or competency. In addition any prior training will have a limited time period of acceptance.

ADi also recognises previous training via a separate process of "mapping" which may be undertaken by ADi as a generic process for specific society credentialled certificates from other societies. The cost is borne by ADV who will/ has mapped generically across to ADi equivalent levels and qualifications at ADi discretion. A separate process of RPL for any other skills gained by an applicant will require full evidence as above for every competency.

Some observations

ADi has found that dance society teaching certificates and diplomas, while containing excellent, valuable dance teaching oriented content, use evidence capturing methods that do not fit government criteria for specific mandatory competencies.

This is not a reflection on either private society certificates nor government standards, but shows there is still a significant gap between the private and public training systems. For example, a teacher with a Diploma of Education is not automatically recognised in the vocational system. ADi is working with affiliated societies to bridge this gap, but much education and consultation is needed to bring a closer rapport.

Many candidates entering the vocational system have found the perceived cost saving of RPL is far outweighed by the time taken to gather, document and validate any submission! Their advice is that it is better to do the course which, by definition, will be more up-to-date and contain new and worthwhile information and skills!

Visit Skills Recognition for more information and to gain a better insight into how to go about submitting an RPL, then contact the National Certification Administrator at ADi Head Office to discuss your options.

Finance Your Study

Australian Government Assistance

Most eligible domestic students who get some form of government income support are on either Youth Allowance or AUSTUDY. Which one you are eligible for depends on your age and circumstances and the eligibility of the course you choose.

Youth Allowance

You may get Youth Allowance if you are:

  • 16-24 years old and studying or undertaking a New Apprenticeship full time (or aged 15 if considered independent) OR
  • aged 16-20 and looking for work full time (or aged 15 if considered independent), undertaking a combination of approved activities like Work for the Dole or volunteering, or have a temporary exemption from the Activity Test (for example, due to illness), or aged 25 and over and studying or undertaking a New Apprenticeship full time, if you were getting Youth Allowance immediately before turning 25 and are still doing the same course or New Apprenticeship. (Other full time students aged 25 and over can apply for Austudy), and meet residence requirements.


You may qualify for Austudy payment if you are:

  • Over 25 years old AND
  • doing an approved full-time course at an approved institution or undertaking a full-time New Apprenticeship, and meet residence requirements.

You are considered independent so there is no Parental Means Test, but you must meet a personal (and partner) income and assets tests. For more information, visit Centre Link's website.

National Workforce Develoment Funds

ADi has been nominated as the selected provider for CUA 40313 Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and management to selected dance societies' teachers. Submissions were called by IBSA, the Industry Skills Council responsible for dance industry for interest particularly for teachers in remote and regional australia. Funds will be provided to successful candidates by the Federal Department of Education. Watch the News column on our front page for announcements of this scheme which has been 18 months in preparation.

Professional Development

Students, teachers, assessors, schools and all ADi Associate/Certified parties participate in ongoing professional development programmes. ADi runs annual Teacher and Assessor Workshops, industry seminars, community forums as well as vocational courses. The numerous benefits of these programmes affect all of us. Our professional development programmes ensure:

  • All ADi Associate/Certified parties have the opportunity to network and collaborate.
  • ADi provides an information exchange for new ideas about both teaching practice and business management.
  • The ADi community is being nurtured, supported and protected.
  • ADi processes are meeting the needs of all ADi Associate/Certified parties.
  • All ADi Associate/Certified parties are meeting ADi standards.
  • All ADi Associate/Certified parties are complying with current government and legislative requirements.

Contact us to discuss your best options or if you would like us to contact you please fill out the teacher enquiry form.