Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for experienced dancers and dance teachers.

What is it?

Recognition Prior Learning (RPL) allows your work, life and learning experiences to count towards a VET Certificate. This means that the skills and knowledge you already have may count towards a nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment. You may be eligible to have your past industry qualifications and/or experience as a dancer/dance teacher recognised towards the achievement of units of competency in ADI courses. The result is that you could be exempt from some of the units and/or subjects listed in your course brochure and be able to complete your qualification in a shorter period of time.

We recognise previous training and may be able to recognise certain skills at equivalent industry standards. If you hold a dance certificate in one of our recognised societies or have substantial experience we will provide you with a pre-training RPL assessment that gathers information about your prior experience. This information is then used to determine the best pathway for you to achieve competency.

RPL vs Credit Transfer

RPL can provide you credit for:

  • Relevant work experience, e.g. related projects, regular duties, in-house training etc.
  • Relevant skills and knowledge you have gained in the past through, for example, volunteer work, awards and achievements, etc.
  • Any evidence that proves that you have already met the learning outcomes of the unit of competency you are applying for.

Credit Transfer:

  • Formal Learning: relevant courses, modules or units of competency you have completed previously, which are the same as modules or units of competency offered ADicourses.
  • We accept transcripts for full or partial completion of qualifications from all VET Registered Training Organisations within Australia.